One Tree Planted

So this is our thinking... If every company you purchased from planted a tree with every order, the world would be a better place. So that's why we do it. We even offer you the option to add one yourself..

One Order - One Tree


Over the years, the United Kingdom has undergone significant deforestation. In order to allocate your donation efficiently, we are currently focused on restoring forests across these lands.

One Quid = One Tree

The United Kingdom used to have glorious forest coverage, but changes in land use have caused extensive deforestation. In addition to being critical to protecting the climate, forests also build community. These reforestation projects will be highly engaging, community-led initiatives to create educational opportunities, volunteer planting events, and public spaces so that everyone, including the most marginalized communities, can enjoy the native flora and fauna of the United Kingdom.

These more than one million trees willmake a significant climate impact, sequestering carbon and creating climate resilience byreducing flooding and the effects of pollution. This project supportsincreased access to public woodland, especially for communities in need, with opportunities for community engagement and improved public health. Organizations will be able tointegrate the project with school educationto get children out in nature.